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This monthly event is held to give members additional aopportunities to experience Teams play.  Details are:

1. 8 events to be held on a Friday of each month from March until October inclusive.  Please note that 5 of these events will be held on the 3rd Friday of the month to avoid clashes with long weekends /or dealing.

        15 March; 19 April; 24 May; 21 June; 26 July; 30 August; 27 September; 18 October

2. Seated by 6.50 for a 7pm start.

3. Convener is Veronica Hall 

4. Partner finder is Jenny Hassall. 

5. No Director.

6. Table fee $6.

7. Self help tea, coffee or fruit juice.

8. Minimum of 6 tables required.

9. All abilities welcome. If a pair does not have a Team, Jenny will do her best to accommodate you.

10. Teams to confirm with Jenny and Veronica by the last Wednesday of each month that they will be there.

Teams to be written on notice on board.