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Wednesday Evening Programme


Convenor: Judy Hayton, 021 02790749

Partner Finder: Lesley Smith, Ph 3137836, Cell 02102686181, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For June and July Judith Calder will be partner finder 3134143.

It is stressed that ALL members are entitled to play at the Club every Wednesday evening of the Bridge Year.

Members may either select their partners in accordance with the various competition rules in order to qualify, or alternatively, they may play with whomever they wish and not qualify.

The Anniversary Pairs Tournament, Three Night Matches and the Presidents events are primarily intended to foster a better club spirit by encouraging members of any ability to play together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Although Senior and Junior Pairs play together in the same group they are placed separately and awarded separate trophies for the Premier Pairs, Plate Pairs, Individual and Overall Individual competitions. Whereas for the Three Night Matches all partnerships (Junior, Senior or Mixed) participate in the same competition.


15 ROUNDS. To qualify, a player must play at least 10 Rounds with the same partner. If more than 10 Rounds are played with the same partner, all such rounds will be counted.   Progressive results will be posted after each round.  After three rounds the top 8 Pairs will be seeded. The Committee may approve a permanent substitute for anyone unable to continue in the Competition. If a Pair consists of a Senior and a Junior player the pair will be regarded as a Senior Pair. 

The Senior and Junior Pairs trophies are awarded to the winners in this competition.


12 ROUNDS. To qualify, a player must play at least 8 Rounds with the same partner, which must be with a partner other than their regular partner for Premier Pairs nights.  If more than 8 rounds are played with the same partner all will be counted. Same rules apply as for Premier Pairs.

NOTE:  The Premier Pairs and Plate Pairs competitions are regarded as having equal status.



5 ROUNDS. To qualify, a player must play at least 4 Rounds, each with a different partner. If more than 4 Rounds are played, all such rounds will be counted except when more than one round has been played with the same partner, in which case only the first such round will be counted. If a pair consists of a Senior and a Junior player the pair will be regarded as a Senior Pair and consequently the score will not count towards the Junior partner's qualification in the Junior competition.

Senior and Junior Pairs trophies are awarded to the winners in this competition.


To qualify, a player must qualify in each of these competitions - Premier Pairs, Plate Pairs and Individual.  To determine the Overall Individual winner the final percentages counted in these three Competitions are averaged.

A Junior, playing with a Senior in either Pairs competitions will be regarded as a Senior in the Overall Individual Competition.

Senior and Junior trophies are awarded to the winners in this competition.


4 Rounds.  3 to qualify, each round with a different partner who must not be the Premier or Plate Pairs partner.  If more than 1 round is played with the same partner only the first such round will be counted.  If more than 3 qualifying rounds are played all will be counted.

The competition is designed to provide an even playing field for all members by using a handicapping system.  The aim is to provide the same opportunity to weaker and stronger players, thus promoting more incentive to the less experienced.  Senior and Junior players are strongly encouraged to pair up for this competition as this was the aim of this competition.

An individual's handicap will be set based on all Club competition results from the previous year.  A pair's handicap will be the average of the handicap assigned to the 2 individual players (eg a pair with +2 and -7 handicaps will have a handicap of -2.5 (+2-7= -5 divided by 2 = 2.5).  Handicaps are displayed on the noticeboard.

The committe would like ALL juniors to partner a Senior player.  The partner finder will actively facilitate matching partners for this competition.  

Please SENIORS ask a Junior.   Senior and Junior Pairs trophies are awarded to the winners in this Competition.


These matches are played on 3 consecutive Club nights. A player, to qualify in a match, must play each night of the match with the same partner, (and each match with a different partner), who must not be their Premier Pairs or Plate Pairs partner. One substitution will be allowed for each match. Double substitution is not permitted. (ie A player who is already playing or who has played as a substitute in he competition cannot be a substitute for another pair).  Substitute partners must be declared on the table slip before play starts each night.


This event is a single session tournament. Qualifying eligibility is restricted to Club members and past Club members. Players may choose a partner from any grade. Pairs are split into 3 groups based on the strength of each pair. This is generally assessed on NZ Rating Points. Trophies are awarded to the overall winner plus the winner of each group.


Refer to Teams, Graded, Tournaments tab.




9 Summer 3 Night Match 3 Premier Pairs 7
16 Summer 3 Night Match  10 Premier Pairs 8
23 Summer 3 Night Match 17 Premier Pairs 9
30  Individual 1 24 Winter 3 Night Match
    31 Winter 3 Night Match



 6 Premier Pairs 1 7 Winter 3 Night Match
13 Premier Pairs 2 14 Plate Pairs 7
20 Premier Pairs 3 21 Plate Pairs 8
27 Anniversary Pairs 28 Plate Pairs 9



 6  Presidents 1 4 Individual 4
13  Plate Pairs 1 11 Premier Pairs 10
20  Plate Pairs 2 18 Premier Pairs 11
27  AGM - Individual 2 25 Premier Pairs 12



3 Plate Pairs 3 2 Presidents 4
10 Autumn 3 Night Match 9 Plate Pairs 10
17 Autumn 3 Night Match 16 Plate Pairs 11
24 Autumn 3 Night Match  23 Plate Pairs 12
    30  Individual 5



 1 Presidents 2 6 Premier Pairs 13
 8 Premier Pairs 4 13 Premier Pairs 14
15 Premier Pairs 5 20 Premier Pairs 15
22 Premier Pairs 6 27 Christmas 3 Night Match
29 Plate Pairs 4    



 5 Plate Pairs 5 4 Christmas 3 Night Match
12 Plate Pairs 6 11 Christmas 3 Night Match
19 Presidents 3 18  Christmas Party-By ticket
26 Individual 3